Advanced Antiretroviral Therapy for Adults and Adolescents (3-day)

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Course description


Advanced Antiretroviral Therapy in Adults and Adolescents (New 3-day Continuing Education Course)

Main Learning Objectives
  • Improve methods of ART delivery in adults and adolescents with HIV
  • Improve management strategies for patients with complications of ART Relief/minimization of side effects and complications
  • Learn how to prescribe ART during acute-phase HIV infection
  • Learn about the development of resistance to ARV drugs
  • Learn about drug interactions
  • Learn criteria of ART failure and indications for switching to second line and salvage therapeutic regimens
  • Promote adherence to ART
  • Learn methods of monitoring the efficacy of HIV treatment
  • Work on problems of OI prevention in patients receiving ART
Key Topics

Management strategies for side effects and complications of ART; therapy failure; indications for changing the first line HAART regimen; second line and salvage therapeutic regimens; resistance to ARV drugs; testing methods; indications for resistance testing; drug interactions; causes of insufficient adherence to treatment and ways to enhance adherence; monitoring the effectiveness of HIV treatment; prevention of opportunistic infections; contemporary approaches to the treatment of HIV-infected patients, including multidisciplinary teams and coordinated case management

Basis of Curriculum, Key Teaching Documents, and Materials Provided
  • HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Clinical Protocols for the WHO European Region (2006)
  • Relevant national protocols and policies
  • Medical Management of HIV Infection, J. Bartlett, J. Gallant, 2007
  • Set of slides and handouts.
    Lectures and clinical case studies prepared by Russian and international experts

All materials available printed or electronically.

Teaching Methods Lectures, small group instruction, clinical case studies, and bedside training
Target Audience Physicians specializing in infectious diseases and specialists in related disciplines who have received ART training and are treating patients with HIV
Maximum class size: 18-24 participants
Faculty National and international instructors with expertise in treating HIV infection
Duration 3-day course, including theoretical and practical sessions; training is conducted at healthcare facilities which specialize in treating HIV infection