Advanced Pediatric Antiretroviral Therapy and Opportunistic Infections Management (5-day course)

Training Materials: 

Course description

Course name

Advanced Pediatric Antiretroviral Therapy
and Opportunistic Infections Management

Main Learning Objectives
  • Consolidate basic skills on counseling.
  • Develop methods to increase adherence to the ART regimen in children.
  • Learn about the problem of stigmatization and discrimination of HIV-infected children and methods to diminish them.
  • Learn criteria of ART failure and indications for switching ART regimen.
  • Learn how to manage ART side effects and complications.
  • Learn about the development of resistance to ARV drugs.
  • Master the clinical features and contemporary recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of OIs in children.
  • Learn to make the differential diagnosis> of organ and system impairments associated with HIV infection.
  • Learn the special features of the management and treatment of OIs occurring in children during ART.
  • Learn the basic principles of palliative care for children.
  • Learn legal regulations regarding children with HIV/AIDS.
  • Learn methods of psychosocial support of children living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Learn methods of psychological support of personnel working with HIV-infected children.
  • Learn to use the knowledge gained in practical settings.
Key Topics Focus on counseling and special issues in adherence in children; treatment failure, intolerance to some drugs, and making necessary adjustments in therapy; prophylaxis of HIV resistance development; joint prescription of ARV drugs with other medications; clinical signs, diagnostic and treatment of OIs and other HIV-related illnesses in children receiving ART; addressing stigma and discrimination issues in children; psychological support of children living with HIV, their families, and healthcare personnel .
Basis of Curriculum, Key Teaching Documents and Materials provided
  • Relevant national protocols and recommendations;
  • Textbook of Pediatric HIV Care by S. Zeichner and J. Read
  • Comprehensive set of course slides and handouts.

All materials available printed or electronically in Russian and English.

Teaching Methods Presentation, small group discussion, role-play, case study, bed-side training.
Target Audience ART care teams (infectious disease physician, nurse, social worker/ART aid) who participated in the Initiation of ART training course and on-site mentoring. Maximum class size: 18-24 participants.
Faculty Multidisciplinary, international and national.
Duration 5 days didactical/clinical course at training facility affiliated with the site of clinical excellence.