HIV/AIDS in Injecting Drug Users: Treatment and Care

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Course description

Course name HIV/AIDS in Injecting Drug Users: Treatment and Care
(new 3-day continuing education course)
Main Learning Objectives
  • Learn about epidemiology, provision of healthcare, and social problems related to injecting drug use
  • Study the etiological factors of drug addiction
  • Learn about the principles of comprehensive care for HIV-infected IDUs
  • Study the particular features of ART delivery for IDUs
  • Study drug interaction between ARVs and psychoactive drugs
  • Learn how to optimize treatment of HIV-infected IDUs with mental co-morbidities
  • Study the particular features of ART delivery for drug-dependent pregnant women
  • Study approaches to treatment of opiate and non-opiate drug dependency and learn the principles of replacement therapy
  • Study the particular features of treating HIV-infected IDUs who have tuberculosis or viral hepatitis B or C
  • Study approaches to ensuring adherence and monitoring treatment in IDUs
  • Learn to apply the knowledge gained in practical settings
Key Topics Epidemiological aspects of HIV infection and injecting drug use, as well as related healthcare and social problems; etiology of drug addiction; organization of care and treatment for HIV-infected IDUs; comprehensive
care models; ART for IDUs; drug interactions between ARV medications nd narcotic substances; optimization of HIV treatment for patients with mental co-morbidities and disorders caused by taking narcotic substances; treatment for drug-dependent pregnant women; supporting ART adherence in IDUs; treatment of opiate and non-opiate dependency; replacement therapy; management strategies for IDUs with viral hepatitis and TB.
Basis of Curriculum, Key Teaching Documents and Materials provided
  • HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Clinical Protocols for the WHO European Region (2006)
  • Relevant national protocols and policies
  • Program for ART in IDUs developed by the WHO and the International Harm Reduction Network
  • Clinical Care Options (
  • Set of slides and handouts
All materials available printed or electronically
Teaching Methods Lectures, small group instruction, role plays, and clinical case studies
Target Audience Physicians specializing in infectious diseases, substance abuse specialists, social workers from AIDS centers, and staff members from community outreach networks and substance abuse centers.
Maximum class size: 25 participants.
Faculty National and international instructors with expertise in treatment and care of IDUs with HIV
Duration 3-day course.