HIV/AIDS Nursing

Training Materials: 
  • Slides, handouts, and other materials (zipped, 2M)

Course description

Course name
HIV/AIDS Nursing
Main Learning Objectives
  • Learn basic counseling skills for HIV patients.
  • Master effective methods of communication with patients, their families and healthcare workers.
  • Study the fundamentals of nursing leadership.
  • Learn methods to increase ART adherence.
  • Learn methods of care for side effects and complications of ART.
  • Understand the symptoms of the most common opportunistic infections and learn the latest recommendations for care and treatment of opportunistic infections (OI).
  • Master the basic principles of nutritional evaluation and care for patients with HIV/AIDS, as well as symptom-based nutritional management.
  • Learn the basic principles of palliative care and methods of communication with patients and their families during the terminal stage of the disease.
  • Develop basic pain evaluation skills.
  • Learn the basics of differentiating sadness and depression in the terminally ill.
  • Master methods of preventing burnout syndrome.
Basis of Curriculum, Key Teaching Documents and Materials HIV/AIDS training package for nurses

For students

  • Set of slides
  • Handouts with practical problems and additional information

For instructors

  • Instructors’ guide
  • Set of slides
  • Program and lesson plan for the course
Teaching Methods Presentation and discussion; small group discussion; role play, clinical case studies and problems; interactive exercises and games.
Target Audience Nurses from AIDS Centers, Medical College Instructors
Maximum class size: 25
Faculty Multidisciplinary team of instructors from the USA, Russia and Ukraine
Duration 5 days