Introduction to HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment

Course description

Name of the Course
Introduction to HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment
Main Learning Objectives
  • Review the basics of HIV infection, etiology, and pathogenesis
  • Review the epidemic, system of HIV/AIDS care, and appropriate referrals
  • Understand the prognosis and indications for starting antiretroviral therapy (ART)
  • Learn the goals of HIV/AIDS treatment
  • Learn the classification of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and recommendations for appropriate prescriptions, including adherence strategies and factors influencing adherence
  • Understand the rationale for standardized ARV regimens according to national and WHO recommendations, as well as the side effects and toxicities of ART
  • Review special considerations of HIV treatment in vulnerable groups and OIs
  • Apply acquired knowledge in practical settings
Key Topics
  • Module 1 – HIV management and initiation of ARV treatment
  • Module 2 – ARV drugs
  • Module 3 – Treatment planning and adherence to ART
  • Module 4 –Special considerations for ART
Basis of Curriculum, Key Teaching Documents and Materials provided
  • WHO HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Protocols for European Region (2006)
  • Relevant national recommendations and regulation documents
  • Course materials, including slides and handouts
  • Medical Management of HIV Infection (Bartlett and Gallant, 2005-2006)
  • HIV Medicine 2005 (Hoffmann-Rockstroh-Kamps)
  • IAPAC GALEN Module 6: Introduction to ART
  • IAPAC GALEN Module 7: ART in Resource-limited Settings
  • Relevant articles/readings discussing evidence based approach to ART

Materials available printed or electronically in Russian and English

Teaching Methods

Presentations, small group discussions, role play, case study, bed-side training, home assignments.

Target Audience

Medical doctors (both clinicians and faculty of medical education institutions)
Maximum class size: 20-25 participants

Faculty International and national.
Duration 5-day course including didactical and clinical sessions
Certification 35-hour certificate issued by Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies