HIV/AIDS Clinic Administration and Management

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HIV/AIDS Clinic Administration and Management

Main Learning Objectives


  • Define the basic functions of management.
  • Provide a systematic view of health services management—visualizing the health care system as a whole, the institution as a part of the system and the manager’s role and influence within the system.
  • Apply leadership, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills, developed through active participation in workshop activities and dialogue, to the implementation of individual projects.
  • Employ a variety of planning, information, financial, and change management tools to assess the choices that organizations have in adapting to changing societal and health care circumstances.
  • Implement an individual project in each home organization in the six to nine months following the workshop.
Key Topics Models of HIV/AIDS care and support; access to treatment; putting treatment into practice, training and management for treatment work; assessing needs and resources; M&E HIV/AIDS-related treatment work; changing and improving performance; building partnerships with NGOs; principles of clinic management; multidisciplinary approach to AIDS healthcare provision; team building; quality improvement processes; and information management.
Key Teaching Documents and Materials Provided
  • Management, Leadership and Health Systems: User’s Guide
  • Comprehensive set of course slides and handouts.

*Materials are available in Russian and English in both print and electronic formats

Teaching Methods Presentations, small group exercises, role-play, case studies, use of inventories/instruments.
Target Audience AIDS center directors and /or deputy center directors and chief nurses. Maximum class size: 18-24 participants.
Faculty International and national.
Duration 5-day course.