Training-of-Trainers Course: HIV/AIDS for Social Workers

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Course description


Training-of-Trainers Course: HIV/AIDS for Social Workers
(New 5-day Course)

Main Learning Objectives
  • Understand the major principles of adult learning
  • Learn how to appropriately apply these theories and skills
  • Learn how to develop training curricula and materials
  • Learn course design and choose appropriate lecture formats
  • Consolidate knowledge and skills for providing information on the development of HIV infection, diagnostics, and main prevention methods, with attention to the influence of popular myths and stereotypes about the virus
  • Learn about the main goals and principles of HIV testing, while improving practical pre- and post-test counseling skills
  • Analyze issues of living with HIV infection and its clinical manifestations, with particular attention to the effects of various behavioral models and the attitudes of society toward the community of PLWH
  • Analyze methods and strategies for providing treatment and social support to PLWH using multidisciplinary teams.
  • Learn about ways of providing psychological and social support to members of different target groups, with particular attention to the closed nature of certain populations
  • Analyze existing possibilities for organizing social work based on best practices and lessons learned from other countries in the region
Key Topics Characteristics, life cycle, and progression of HIV infection; pre-test counseling; responding to a diagnosis of HIV; HIV/AIDS discrimination and stigma; ART; ART adherence; the team approach to organizing care and support for ART patients; HIV/AIDS social work; teaching skills and methodology; various stages of the training cycle
Basis of Curriculum, Key Teaching Documents, and Materials Provided
  • WHO Protocol: Patient Evaluation and Antiretroviral Treatment for Adults and Adolescents (2006)
  • Relevant national protocols and policies
  • Series of foreign articles and publications
  • Set of slides and handouts
All materials available printed or electronically
Training Methods Lectures, small group instruction, role plays, demonstrations, discussions and individual exercises
Target Audience Social workers
Maximum class size: 18-24 participants 
Faculty Instructors are social work experts with particular expertise in the field of care, treatment, and support of PLWH
Duration 5-day course