Recent events: XIX International AIDS Conference (Washington DC, July 2012)

AIHA and various representatives of the Knowledge Hub participated in AIDS 2012, which was held in Washington, DC, in July. Staff presented results of the Medical Chart Audit and Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted in St. Petersburg in 2010-2011 during two poster presentations titled: Assessment of Adherence to HAART: Results of Medical Chart Audits and Anonymous Social Surveys of Patients at the St. Petersburg City AIDS Center; and The Impact of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) on the Social Adaptation of Drug Users: Results of an Anonymous Survey in Patients of the St. Petersburg City AIDS Center.

In addition, two noted HIV/AIDS experts - Jurgen Rockstroh, editor of the textbook HIV Medicine 2011, and John Bartlett, editor of Medical Management of HIV Infection 2011 - spoke at special sessions conducted at AIHA's organizational exhibit to promote the Russian-language versions of these preeminent HIV/AIDS care and treatment resources.