Knowledge Hub Newswire - Vol.6 No.22 (Spring 2011)



These statistics reflect the Regional Knowledge Hub's activities
from its inception in March 2004 through May 2011

  • Knowledge Hub courses held: 253
  • Healthcare professionals trained: 6138
    • Russia: 2824
    • Ukraine: 2169
    • Uzbekistan: 429
    • Belarus: 168
    • Kazakhstan: 128
    • Moldova: 118
    • Tajikistan: 109
    • Kyrgyzstan: 107
    • Azerbaijan: 57
    • Estonia: 29

Physicians who have earned nationally recognized advanced professional certification in adult/adolescent or pediatric AIDS treatment through the Knowledge Hub:

  • Ukraine: 294 physicians
  • Russia: 66 physicians and 22 nurses

The Knowledge Hub offers more than 40 courses on a broad range of HIV-related care and treatment topics.

Fourteen new and/or updated courses were developed in 2008-2009 and posted on the Knowledge Hub's web site in 2009-2010. These include:

New Courses:

  • Integrated Approach in Treatment and Management of HIV/TB/Hepatitis Co-Infection in Substance Users
  • Three-Step HIV/AIDS Program for Nurses
  • Case Management: Patients Adherence to ART (for social and medical workers)
  • Integrated Care Model for PLWHA
  • Training-of-Trainers Course: HIV/AIDS for Social Workers
  • Support of Sexual and Reproductive Health in People Living with HIV
  • Organ and System Complications in Patients with HIV-Infection
  • Laboratory Diagnostics of Opportunistic infections and Monitoring of HIV Treatment Quality
  • Viral Hepatitis C and B and HIV: Management Strategies for Co-infected Patients

Updated Courses:

  • Advanced Pediatric ART and Management of Opportunistic Infections
  • Advanced Adult ART
  • HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care for Injecting Drug Users
  • Management of HIV and TB Co-Infection

Ten of these courses have been developed with support from the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Knowledge Hub Calendar

The following trainings and events are scheduled to take place
at the Knowledge Hub or affiliated centers in June-August 2011

July 17-20
The 6th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2011), Rome, Italy

With support from WHO and GTZ, representatives from AIHA/KH C&T will take part in the 6th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2011) in Rome Italy, on July 17-20, 2011. New evidence-based data and scientific results received from the conference will be reflected in AIHA/KH developed courses and training materials and other HIV/AIDS products.


June 1-3
IX Congress of Russian TB-Specialists, Moscow

Representatives from AIHA/KH C&T will take part in the IX Congress of Russian TB-Specialists on June 1-3 in Moscow. New information and data on HIV/TB co-infection will be used for developing and updating AIHA/KH C&T training courses and materials. 

June 6
Working KH C&T Meeting, Moscow

KH C&T international and Russian experts will meet to discuss and approve newly developed training materials that were developed through the project.  The materials include detailed written descriptions of the topics presented at the course "Organ and System Complications in Patients with HIV-Infection." Further plans will be developed at the meeting. 


June 7-10
Training on Advanced Adult ART and Adherence to Treatment for Multidisciplinary Teams, Minsk

This three and a half day training will be conducted by AIHA and the Knowledge Hub with support from the EU-BLR WHO Country Office. Through a multidisciplinary approach, experienced faculty from St. Petersburg, Russia, will teach 21 specialists (physicians, nurses, psychologists and social workers) from Belarus advanced adult ART, management of opportunistic infections for provision of comprehensive care and treatment to PLHIV, as well as improvement of adherence to treatment.

Knowledge Hub in Review

These events were hosted by the Knowledge Hub or affiliated centers
in March-May 2011


Printing and Distribution of "The Pocket Guide to Adult HIV/AIDS Treatment, 2010-2011," by J.G Bartlett

Representatives from AIHA/KH C&T took part in the Third Annual Russian Congress on Infectious Diseases in Moscow on March 28-30 and in the Annual Russian Conference "TB and HIV-infection. Issues of Epidemiological Surveys, Organization and Effectiveness Assessment" in Suzdal on April 25-27. AIHA presented and distributed 700 copies (recently translated into Russian and printed with support from WHO) of "The Pocket Guide to Adult HIV/AIDS Treatment 2010-2011" by J. Bartlett to infectious disease and TB specialists from all over Russia.

Central Asia

In March, AIHA/KH C&T completed the three-year project, "The Development of the Regional Central Asian Training Center on HIV/AIDS Care, Treatment and Support for PLWHIV in Tashkent, Uzbekistan" which was conducted with support from the Central Asian Control Project and the World Bank.

The newly established Regional Training Center (RTC) will improve the quality of care available to PLWH in Central Asia through improved  human resources and institutional capacity including trained specialists and local master-trainers, improved HIV/AIDS postgraduate and undergraduate education, as well as access to up-to-date information and evidence-based resources. Collectively, these resources will increase the professional level of healthcare providers and representatives of the PLWH community involved in care and support.

March 25-26
Second Steering Committee Meeting for the Regional Central Asian Training Center on HIV/AIDS Care, Treatment, and Support for PLWHIV, Tashkent

Representatives of the MOH of Uzbekistan and medical institutions involved in the provision of education and medical services in the area of HIV/AIDS in Uzbekistan, the Global Fund/Kyrgyzstan, WHO/Uzbekistan, UNICEF/Uzbekistan, UNAIDS/Uzbekistan, ICAP/USA, and PLWHIV from Uzbekistan discussed the project achievements, defined further directions for the center's activities and sustainability, shared their plans for trainings to be conducted in 2011-2012 and discussed further plans for collaboration. At the conclusion of the meeting, the RTC issued a Resolution -- a document that summarized the major results and recommendations of the meeting.


March 14-18
Regional Training of Trainers (ToT) Course on HIV Nursing and Palliative Care for Specialists from Central Asia, Tashkent

The third regional training on HIV/AIDS with a ToT component was conducted by local faculty trained within the "Development of the Regional Training Center (RTC) on Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS for Central Asia" project, which is supported by the Central Asian AIDS Control Project and the World Bank. Twenty six specialists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan were trained in specific issues of HIV nursing and palliative care.

March 15-18
Training on Art Therapy for Children with HIV, Tashkent

A four-day training on art therapy was conducted for 16 health care providers, psychologists and social workers from Uzbekistan who manage children living with HIV. Participants were potential specialists for the provision of art therapy to HIV-positive patients at the local level. The training agenda included methodologies of art therapy, psycho-physiological and clinical approaches in art therapy, psycho-therapeutic factors and effects of art therapy, and organizational principles of art therapy for HIV-positive patients. Leading faculty in art therapy from St. Petersburg taught the course.