What the Knowledge Hub Does

The regional Knowledge Hub offers the following services:

Training Courses

Knowledge Hub training courses are based on the World Health Organization (WHO) protocols for the region, the latest evidenced-based information, and relevant national recommendations.

Training courses are conducted at sites of clinical excellence. The Knowledge Hub uses small-group didactical and clinical sessions and adult learning methodology. Its faculty is multinational and multidisciplinary, with a proven record of clinical excellence in the field of HIV/AIDS care and treatment. In addition to the learning opportunities provided by close work with these experts, each training participant receives a comprehensive set of training materials, including Russian translations of the latest international evidence-based clinical textbooks, WHO protocols, training slides, and handouts. The Knowledge Hub provides these materials to serve as a reference in future practice and to facilitate dissemination of information with others.

The Knowledge Hub core curriculum is based on accepted international standards. Within this framework, each training activity is tailored to its specific audience by taking into account national policies, local conditions, and individual participant needs. Quality-assurance processes, including pre- and post-course testing and evaluation, ensure that Hub courses meet the needs of Eurasian care providers – and their patients.

Most trainings conducted by the Knowledge Hub are part of national programs in HIV/AIDS care and treatment and are commissioned by national governments. However, other organizations and interested individuals can also benefit. For more information about how you or members of your organization can participate in a Knowledge Hub training, please contact the Knowledge Hub.

Please see the schedule of training courses for related information about past training activities.


Developing Strategic Approaches

Knowledge Hub experts and faculty provide technical assistance in planning and facilitation of sub-regional and national consensus-building meetings on a variety of topics in HIV/AIDS care and treatment. Hub consultants come primarily from affiliated training centers and strategic partner organizations. They have expertise in: models of HIV/AIDS care, national planning for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, development of national HIV/AIDS care and treatment protocols based on WHO standards, development of national capacity-building plans, and a wide variety of other issues.

The Knowledge Hub can also assist national governments and other organizations in planning and organizing technical assistance activities, such as study tours, missions, and assessments.

If your organization needs expert advice or assistance in developing strategic approaches, the Knowledge Hub staff would be happy to discuss these needs with you. Please contact the Knowledge Hub.

For related information about past expert consulting provided by the Knowledge Hub, see Capacity-Building Data and Publications.


Information Services and Networking

The Knowledge Hub facilitates networking and mutual exchange of information through its alumni network, sub-regional and national consultations and meetings, and online resources. The Knowledge Hub has translated and adapted evidence-based textbooks, clinical manuals, training packages, and other materials for use in Eurasia.