Where the Knowledge Hub Works

The Knowledge Hub is a unique web of organizations, individuals, and resources working together to create the human resource capacity necessary to provide care to people living with HIV/AIDS in the countries of Eurasia.

In its initial years, the Regional Knowledge Hub has been most active in Russia and Ukraine. These two countries are home to the largest populations of people living with HIV/AIDS in Eurasia and to some of the fastest growing rates of infection in the world. Working with both international aid organizations and local clinics, the Hub’s strategy is to invest heavily in local medical professionals and local healthcare systems, strengthening rather supplanting these systems. In addition to benefiting local clinicians and their patients, the intensive training and mentoring delivered in these countries builds a reservoir of regional expertise that the Knowledge Hub will draw on as it scales up its activities and reaches out to other countries in the region.

In addition to its work in Russia and Ukraine, the Regional Knowledge Hub has also been active in the following Eurasian countries:

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Knowledge Hub courses, services, and other resources have been designed specifically for the Eurasia region and can be further tailored to the needs of individual countries. In many cases, Hub staff and consultants can travel to provide these services in countries in which the Hub does not yet have a permanent presence, though courses requiring hands-on use of clinical facilities must take place at affiliated training sites. In either case, the Regional Knowledge Hub can help with logistics, so please see What the Knowledge Hub Does for information about services provided and contact the Hub with any other questions.